tag ep 218 come on he-man

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well got to get the audio up soon but it is nice to have some video on this one. on this long ep of tech and games we talk about nintendo power and other things that will not be with us soon. poring one out.

tag ep 216 nerd herd

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well if you like nerdy things and nalgia this is the show to listen the show clocks an little under 5 hours so if you have an long drive or have an 8 hour work day this will get you though it about an little over half.



sorry no video i do not know what happened?

tag ep 214 made in the usa

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well this is it the last day of steam sales we talk about games and even old friends drop buy buckle up for an high chase edition of tag. cops leave the viper in the police station.

tag ep 213 magika the gift that keeps on giving

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well steam sale and an version of the ps3 and more on this epic adition of tech and games.

tag ep 212 going to see my digital girlfriend.

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tonight we talk about the drive in and the 3ds one last time and more on this 2 hours of tech and games.

tag ep 211 i am going to wreck it

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we get to it sick kids child's play and many more on this wild and crazy tech and games 

e3 shows and times

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has of that recording i did not know sony was at 9 pm est we will be live at 11:30 est till 12 midnight on monday night and doing an specail tuesday show of tag fn daily at midnight. then on tues day one conference and it is nintendo we start at the same time 11:30 and go on for an few hours and then at 10 an run down of the day it will be an awasome monday and tusday and we will do an show on wedsday covering the left overs then on thursday the last day of the show is an ep number round out the coverage there will be lots of video and audio to go around hope to join us the live link is here.


thanks for watching see you on the live feed

Majesco Entertainment Releases Zumba® Fitness Rush Bollywood Style Pack and Zumba® Wear Avatar Collection

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New Downloadable Content Available Now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

EDISON, N.J., May 15, 2012 – Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL), an innovative provider of video gamesfor the mass market, just released its first Zumba® Fitness Rushdownloadable dance style pack featuring three exotic Bollywood songs to spice up your workout and build your track library. Additionally, Majesco Entertainment launched a Zumba® wear Avatar Collection so fans can customize their Xbox LIVE® avatars with virtual apparel inspired by the fan favorite Zumba® Wear apparel and accessory line currently worn by millions. The Zumba® Fitness Rush Bollywood Style Pack is available now for 480 Microsoft Points ($6.00) on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The 10-piece Zumba® Wear Avatar Collection is also available now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360, with individual apparel items ranging from 80 Microsoft Points ($1.00) to 160 Microsoft Points ($2.00).

Featuring stylized Indian choreography that has won fans over with its fun, high energy movements, the Bollywood Style Pack lets you dance with Zumba® creator Beto, and celebrity Zumba® instructors Kass Martin and Tanya Beardsley.  Feel the Bhangra beat and get a sneak peek at theZumba® Fitness Rush Bollywood Style Pack when you download the free trailer.  This three song pack includes both licensed music and contagious Zumba® originals that will keep your body moving:

  • “Beware of the Boys,” DJ Punjabi (danced by Beto)
  • “Bangalore Dreaming,” Zumba® original (danced by Kass Martin)
  • “Start the Fire,” Zumba® original (danced by Tanya Beardsley)

You can also show off your style with the new Zumba® Wear Avatar Collection that features a range of vibrant men’s and women’s apparel, from virtual tank tops, cargo pants and vests to the sporty Zumba® Team Track Jacket and classic Zumba® Fedora. To preview the full collection, please click here.

Zumba® Fitness Rush, available on Kinect™ for Xbox 360, invites you to lose yourself in the music with a fun, effective workout that makes you forget you’re even exercising. Get a total body workout and party yourself into shape with 42 sizzling new songs and routines while you move to 24 international dance styles – that’s twice the number of styles included in the original Zumba® Fitness game and more than any other dance game. Six superstar Zumba instructors guide you through each routine in a variety of new, exclusive arenas, while the new Progress Tracker calculates calories burned so you can maximize your workout

To download screenshots of the new Zumba® wear Avatar Collection click here. And to download assets for the Zumba® Fitness Rush Bollywood Style Pack click here.

For more information about Zumba® Fitness Rush, the Bollywood Style Pack andthe Zumba® Wear Avatar Collection, please visit zumbafitnessgame.com.

tag ep 208 winds of change

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in this ep we go from gay marriage and why i look so damn good and everything in between

tech and games ep 207 part 1 im han solo

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wow lots to talk about gaming news war on woman? yeah


me and friend worked on this photo vote on it please 


tech and games april fool edition 2012 and more ponies

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on this very funny ep we take back on the april fools jokes around the net. and more ponies.

my little pony podcast ep 1

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on the frist ever podcast the new my little pony makes it debut on the tech and games podcasting network. on this we talk aout bronies and the power of friendship. stay tuned for part 2 had to break it up due some technicals diffaculties


tag my little my pony with gaming news

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1 am est


4 pm est 


for april frist we are doing an specail shows for an show that is awasome i think and should get it own show. and if you like gaming news we will have that too becouse people love gaming news and we will do it.


come join me skype if you like skype name ravensdolphin

tech and games is five

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me and yogifish look back and to the future of tech and games

the mass effect ending and my thoughts

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and if you buy mass effect anything dlc and if there is another games and gamers stand by your purchase. 

tag ep 203 come on out boy scout

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gaming news we got you gaming and dues us ex conversations and more. on this jammed packed show of tech and games

no show tonight but here is an mp3 from comic con 2011

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sorry i had canned tonight show but here is an mp3 for ya hope you enjoy raven.

tech and games ep 202 lets stay together

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wow sopa is shelved but in his wake did take an victim with it. but we got another awasome show for you top to bottom with what is wrong with the us and your gaming news.

tech and games ep 201 just buy the cookies

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well tonight show is kind of like the young Turks tag had an awesome baby i guess lots of stuff tonight. boats mitt romney and more on tag.

show note on this ep i talked about the girl scouts i want to make an correction about that. it was an boy who identafied as an girl dress like one be like one my comment in the show still stands. i have no problem in someone an 7 year old boy wants to be in the girl scouts. it is an free country. on another side note my sister runs an troup so poeple this is not an big deal thanks.

tech and games taking you back too 2011

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on this looking back ep of tech and games i get fired up about sopa and indie humble boundle



well i had an little spd emergancy had to stop the show mid so that is why there is two parts tonight



for the full uncut show listen to the mp3