Rock Paper Sumo Review

I had the honor to talk to the people who made Rock-Paper-Sumo.

Rock-Paper-Sumo is a Facebook game - yeah, I know what you're thinking - but this game really is awesome. I am not into Facebook games, but I am addicted to this game. So what is the game about? You are a sumo and your mission is to take down other sumos in rock-paper-scissors matches. First, you get to know your sumo: he is wearing an OK mawashi and hair but as you progress you get more mawashis and jewelry, tattoos, hair, and backgrounds, and the like. So now you are ready for the world, but keep in mind you are a sumo and guess what? sumos need to eat! So you go to the box of food from the dashboard and feed your sumo to make it a little bigger. Big sumos get more points, so the bigger the better. This is awesome: it gives people a reason to make their sumo bigger. When you win matches you get more money to buy more expensive food, and you can make your sumo even bigger in a shorter amount of time. Then there are Bento Bucks which you can buy with real cash. With Bento Bucks you can buy a special meal that will make you bigger, but that meal does cost real money: 1 gold coin. (You can buy 5 gold coins for $5, 20 gold coins for $2.99. I don't know why it's like that but it is. They are cheap enough for people who are really into this game. You can buy some gold coins for the cost of a cup of coffee. And that helps you make your sumo awesome.) Okay, so you have eaten; do you think you are ready for a fight? Well, I say go to the dojo for some training first. In the dojo you have four options: 1) cleaning the dojo - that gives you money; 2) dummy training; 3) collecting an allowance which gives a little money although not as much has cleaning the dojo but enough that you can train your skills on the dummy; and, 4) every 7 days you get to challenge the boss. These tasks are timed: you can clean your dojo every hour, collect your allowance every 5 minutes, and the dummy every 24 hours. This is also true for eating: you can only eat every 12 hours, and only 2 meals every 12 hours, so choose your food wisely when you get up to higher levels.


Now you are trained and well-fed - it is time to challenge people to a game of rock-paper-scissors! Go to the leaderboard page and select either your friends or the top people in the world, and you get to issue a challenge to them (but only the top 105). If you add more friends to the game you can get them to challenge you, as well as receiving challenges from them. So you send out a fight - surf the Internet, make a sandwich, make a phone call, whatever. When you come back to the computer and check all your challenges you see someone has answered, and you see if you won or not. It says you won, so now you want to see the beat-down that you gave to the other person! Click on the history and you get a replay of the match with awesome, colorful animation. This is what made the game for me: seeing people falling asleep from my attacks and other animations. You can view all of your matches, the ones you won and lost. This is really cool. So now you have some friends to play rock-paper-sumo with, so you want to send say, "Jesse" a challenge from the friend leader-board - you find her and issue the challenge. It's best of three - you pick your moves the way you want them, and when you are done you press 'fight'. The fight begins and can last about 30 seconds, not long. When it's over you can see who came out on top. If you win you win your weight in points - that's why you are eating! Your score goes up and your rank too. The better you do the more people try to take your spot. Another thing: the game has achievements built in like Rock Master who uses rock alot in a match. Quick Draw 10 times in a match. Neat Freak is when you clean your dojo five times a day. You can post your achievements on your wall for the whole world to see. I customized mine - "i am has big has mark Henry the wrestler or tremble of my weight when i sit around the house i sit around the house" - stuff like that.

All in all

This game is really fun, addictive, and cute. Even if you don't like Facebook games this is a good one. The customization is awesome, and so is the way you make money. It's a familiar game that everyone knows how to play. I do not know anyone that doesn't know how to play rock-paper-scissors. It is one of those very well-thought-out and very creative games as I have played in a long while, and that is awesome to say about a Facebook game. The best part about this game - it is free to play. Did I mention they are about the cutest sumos ever? Even the loading screen sumo is cute: you just want to hug him like a big stuffed animal. And they are adding stuff to the game every week, such as more items for your sumos. And soon they will add a ninja to the game to spy on your friends! It will cost a gold coin but it will report back what the other person uses the most so you have the upper hand, so that is cool. So what are you waiting for? Go play Rock-Paper-Sumo, and if you need someone to play with my Facebook name is Raven Frazier. I will see you on Rock-Paper-Sumo.

Thank you for reading. Here is the link to the game:

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